When you make a purchase at Triple Threads, we want to make sure it is delivered to you without issue. Get peace of mind with our delivery guarantee in the event your delivery is lost, stolen, or damaged during transit. Package Protection covers items that are verified to be lost, stolen, and damaged in shipping.

How It Works.

Normally, if a package is lost, stolen, or damaged during transit, we will issue a claim with the carrier on your behalf and wait for the results of the claim investigation before issuing a refund or re-shipping the order - and in the case of damaged items, we require visual proof of damage.

By selecting Package Protection at checkout, we are able to handle claims faster. You simply submit a claim on our claims portal and we'll issue store credit or a replacement for items that are verified to have been lost, stolen or damaged. 

When Is A Shipment Deemed 'Lost'?

We use the same rules that the carriers use for defining a lost shipment:

  • Carrier status states "delivered’", but you have not received it. Allow up to 7 business days but no longer than 15 days for United States domestic shipments (20 days for international shipments, including Canada) for your shipment to be delivered. Sometimes the carriers prematurely mark shipments as delivered and then issue a redelivery, and it then turns up in a secure location at your property or perhaps may be delivered to the wrong address that is caught and corrected by the carrier.
  • If your carrier status is not "delivered" and your tracking has not updated for 2 weeks from the ship date. 

Shipping carriers may classify these situations as a ‘delay’ if there is a high number of shipments in their network, and they are aware of delays. As long as there are no known carrier delays, we will offer a refund or replacement right away. 

What Is Considered Stolen? 

  • Order issues for packages that are marked as “delivered”, but you have not yet received them. We wait up to 5 days after the delivery date to ensure that the package does not turn up as outlined in the “lost package” section above. 
  • If you input the correct address during checkout, but the item is delivered to a different address, we consider this as “stolen” and will issue a resolution. 

What Is Considered 'Damaged'?

  • Items arrive damaged in transit - interior packaging is torn, bent, broken etc.
  • Some of your order is missing due to the box/envelope having broken open during transit. 

What Is Not Covered Package Protection?

  • Missing parcels or redelivery fees due to invalid / incorrect address information provided by you when you placed the order.
  • Delays in transit (as defined by the carrier).
  • Orders that have not shipped yet.
  • International orders stuck in customs - we can't be held responsible for customs delays. Please get in touch with your chosen carrier and pay required customs fees. If you refuse customs payments, we are not liable for any return to sender fees and these will be deducted from any refund that may be due.
  • Items that are returned to us for a refund or exchange through our returns & exchanges portal.
  • If you requested items to be left at a location other than the address you supplied with your order and they go missing - this waives the right to any claim as per carrier terms and conditions.

How To Submit a Claim

Our Policy For Handling Unprotected Shipments

If you do not choose to purchase Package Protection at checkout and your shipment is lost, damaged or stolen during transit - we will diligently follow the claims policy of your selected carrier to either locate the shipment or deem it as lost. This process can take up to 4-8 weeks, may require additional documentation from you and is at the discretion of the carrier.

If your shipment has GPS location or photographic evidence from the carrier that it has been delivered to the address on your order, is with a neighbor or at any other secure location and in good condition; we are not responsible for a refund or replacement.